Van is powerful, great to drive, cruises very well and is massive inside. Buyers beware!!! The van has 455,000km on the clock and has been looked after well. The cylinder block is made of gray cast iron. Grip will be significantly improved with firm but still comfortable ride. My T5 has 47,000kms. It's solid, excellent finished. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from I have not had any engine, turbo, diesel injector or gearbox problems yet - praise the drol. I also had a terrible experience buying this new and getting addons from Frankston VW all care and no responsibility...but that's a story for another day. Installed a nice Golf steering wheel , with buttons , which enabled all the bell and whistles in dashboard, with all the instant fuel consumption, average consumptions , trip mileage and many more. This makes them responsive, incredibly efficient, and a pleasure to drive. While diesel engines are known for their fuel economy, Volkswagen’s TDI takes this even further. Not joking! There is a hole in the cam belt cover. 14 hours of highway driving on one tank. Clav AU. The 2.0 TDI engine belongs to the EA188 family. You can not move the passenger seat forward, backward or tilt. This is a public forum presenting user opinions on selected products and businesses, and as such the views expressed do not reflect the opinion of PRO:Everything I was missing in the 2009 model, cruise control, power, better stopping power. However, the service and reliability of their vehicles, are appalling. Do not get this if you are planning to have a passenger over 60kgs, and plan to drive any distance. Any help? 2010 LWB 103kw 2.0l diesel 6spd manual - this is a beautiful van - prefect for what I want it for - looks sexy - drives as good as a car - well finished - great fuel economy - get from 900 to 1200km from an 80l tank.Thank dog i got a manual to save me from the auto dsg issues - and I have not had as many problems as some - but more than others - so after 6 years and 130,000km - egr valve failed - water pump leaked - some obscure wire broke in the engine bay wiring look...$300 - 2 window winder switches broke at $90 each just for the part - wi...Read more. Took to local VW dealer who had done all servicing and after diognosis was told to bring it back in 1 week to have trans replaced under good-will, 50k kms out of warranty. I've heard plenty of complaints about the DSG but since VW claims they have fixed the problem, let's fingers cross they did fix the problem. Is it a fault and what else can go wrong when I taken it for its service they can't fine any problems but it only happens sometimes & sometimes it's more. Couldn't believe it. I believe the pre-facelift version had under shielding, but they decided to remove it? After 37000klm the turbo kept going into over boost and the car would go into limp mode. But wait it gets worse. Bought new done nearly 180000 reasonably hard kms carrying heavy loads. If you hop onto Google and type in ‘Christmas gifts for Dad,’ you’ll likely be met with a barrage of ads for personalised beer glasses and novelty socks. - Im going to have to sell my T5 - im now scared to drive it as expensive things keep breaking at 170 000km. These engines have a massive world wide EGR issue that causes, Reliable Biturbo T1340 132kw 7 speed DSG ex nsw cop van. Please get a decent browser here or there, 140TDI diesel returns to Tiguan Allspace range, Time to celebrate the 70,000th Amarok sale, Tiguan Proline chosen for elite paramedics, Volkswagen's website is having an Easter egg hunt, Amarok V6 580S: unlimited style, in limited numbers, T-Cross brings Euro class in a compact package, Volkswagen expands its online ordering capability, Touareg V8 is the premium performance choice, Amarok XL and XXL conversion range on sale now, Volkswagen’s hand painted Golf R Final Edition, California Beach Limited Edition sells out online in nine hours, Limited edition California and Multivan hit Australian shores, Third consecutive dealer auction sells out, The Great Inland Way: Undara, the outback and beyond, The Great Inland Way: Drone Disaster and Carnarvon Gorge, The Great Inland Way: The Outback Art Trail, The Great Inland Way: Chasing waterfalls in the Atherton Tablelands, Driving the Central Coast Plateau Harvest Trail, The Great Inland Way: Orange to Jenolan Caves, The wild and rugged West Coast of Tasmania, A Lovely Little Time in Launceston, Tasmania, Back to the Beginning – Mandurah, Fremantle and Perth, Animal Attraction with the Tiguan Allspace. VW Genuine Cabin Air Filter for Transporter Toureg, Audi etc Suits: CABIN AIR FILTER VW VOLKSWAGEN 7H0819631 AC0116 C35762C RCA112P PUROLATOR SURE RYCO CU2842 SFC35762 WACF0022 CA31060 CA-31060 VOLKSWAGEN MULTIVAN T5 3.2L V6 PETROL BKK MPFI DOHC 24V 12/04-02/10 VOLKSWAGEN MULTIVAN T5 TDi TURBO 2.5L DIESEL 5AXE MPFI SOHC 10V 12/2004-02/2010 VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG 3.2L … Der 2.0 TDI Dieselmotor mit Common-Rail Direkteinspritzung ist serienmäßig mit Vorderradantrieb ausgestattet, mit dem Allradantrieb 4motion ist der VW T5 140 PS optional erhältlich. Volkswagen want nothing to do with it as its just out of warranty. Great turning circle and general ease of getting from point to point is fantastic. So unless they fix this issue, buyer beware. got a performance chip from reputable company, way quicker to boost and rev now, If oil not visibly leaking anywhere mine was getting blown out of one of the turbos ( tdi 400 bi turbo)the main larger one, I brought a new t5 2015 4 motion 2 liter twin turbo duel cab. This was fixed immediately with a recall by VW at no cost to me. Volkswagen diesel cars such as the TDI can experience a loss of power. Super practical. 2010 LWB 103kw 2.0l diesel 6spd manual - this is a beautiful van - prefect for what I want it for - looks sexy - drives as good as a car - well finished - great fuel economy - get from 900 to 1200km from an 80l tank. I have a transporter 2011 t5 reported in warrente the oil consumption was high.They said they tested but did not do a proper oil consumption test .After 110000 km the engine was said to be worn out .I have serviced the van from the start at vw. Already at 78,000 kms, i've had my seat belt replaced due to ripping, automatic gear lever replaced due to internals breaking (not allowing the changing of gears) and multiple globe replacements. I brought a new t5 2015 4 motion 2 liter twin turbo duel cab. Bought new done nearly 180000 reasonably hard kms carrying heavy loads. greater power output, Volkswagen uses the TDI engine generation with 4 valve technology. I get the van towed back to the mechanic. Poor speaker quality. back. *Plenty of space. Your trust is our top concern. No music controls. Never tried to get VW to come to the party on repairs out of warranty - but I hear that is a nightmare. published 3 years ago. 250k kms need a crack in the exhaust manifold welded, air-con compressor at 260k(it was black with a sunroof and air con ran n...Read more. This self-study programme shows the design and function of new developments! ndscreen wipers so bad you have to pay $267 for euro model that used to be standard in oz - front drivers axle broke - non vw mechanic also changed passenger side when it didn't need to be - now 12 months later I have to replace the drivers side again - and I have a shudder in the clutch that I believe is the dual mass fly wheel which I probably need resolved before I can offload this. The Volkswagen TDI family boasts an impressive range of turbocharged diesel units across its entire range. Each unit boasts low consumption figures thanks to cutting-edge technology designed to save money on running, maintenance, and service costs, backed by Volkswagen’s outstanding levels of quality and reliability. It was sold at 360k kms running superbly, still with full power, only signs of wear were the seat and the steering wheel. Like. The fan belt snapped and rapped around the timing belt causing it to skip a couple of gears. Car stalls and forces me to pull off the road. Two possible causes are computer-imposed "limp mode," and the MAF sensor, which is just a small distance from the air cleaner. Our company just picked up a new T5 3 seater.This vehicle was purchased because of bad back issues caused by the vw caddy. Available across Volkswagen’s passenger, SUV, and commercial vehicle lines, the TDI engines are as smooth as they are capable — none more so than the powerful V6 unit that is available in the Touareg and Amarok.


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