He practiced law in Virginia and later taught history. When he was eight years old, his father died shortly after the beginning of the American Civil War, which prompted the family to move north to Staten Island, where his mother's family was from. His remarkable short line of ascendancy is due to a couple of factors that are not common in modern American society but once were quite common. For example, this letter to his son John Jr., back in 1832: ‘Truth should always be uttered no matter what the consequences. He sided with the Confederacy when the Civil War began in 1861 and was elected to the Confederate legislature. The SS Baychimo – The Ghost Ship of the Arctic, John Paul Jones-When America invaded Great Britain, Odd Story of Harrison Ruffin Tyler & Lyon Gardiner Tyler, 8 with his first wife, Letitia Christian Tyler (who was his own age), 7 more with Julia Gardiner Tyler (a woman thirty years younger). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. New York magazine called it “an amazing, seemingly impossible piece of American trivia.” As Yahoo, The Huffington Post, Fox News and Politico scrambled for interviews, the grandsons related oft-told family stories about Patrick Henry, Andrew Jackson, Daniel Webster, the American Revolution, the Civil War and their grandfather, the president. “John Tyler’s father, also named John, was Thomas Jefferson’s roommate at the College of William & Mary,” Lyon Tyler said. “In his letters to his many sons and daughters,” Mr. Tyler said, “the need for honesty is a regular refrain. At odds with Whig leaders, Tyler vetoed much of their legislation, and most of his cabinet resigned. Harrison Ruffin Tyler, who was born on Nov. 9, 1928, earned a degree in chemistry from William & Mary in 1949 and another in chemical engineering from Virginia Tech in 1951. Both of these men are still alive today, at the ages of 96 and 92 respectively. In turn, Lyon had six children with two different wives, two of whom were Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Jr. and Harrison Ruffin Tyler (born 1924 & 1928 respectively, when Lyon Sr. was in his 70s). John Tyler, the 10th President of the United States, was born in 1790 and served between 1841 and 1845. Tyler was the fourth son of President John Tyler and First Lady Julia Gardiner Tyler, born at Sherwood Forest Plantation. The plantation, a 1,600-acre National Historic Landmark on the James River in Charles City County, was built about 1730 and bought by President Tyler in 1842. He and his wife, Frances Payne Bouknight Tyler, who died in 2019, lived for many years at his Virginia ancestral home, Sherwood Forest Plantation. Lyon Gardiner Tyler Jr., of Franklin, ... Tyler is survived by his daughter and brother, Harrison Ruffin Tyler, also in his 90s, President John Tyler's last living grandchild. Some historians have called him principled and honest, but most say his presidency was ineffective. Many in Congress disputed Tyler’s claim to the White House, and some, calling him “His Accidency,” never accepted it. As Harrison explained to New York Magazine in 2012: Both my grandfather — … Both men — now in their eighties — are the sons of Lyon Gardiner Tyler Sr., the president’s fourth son. He received a doctorate in history from Duke University in 1967 and, in a second career over the next two decades, taught history at the University of Richmond, the Virginia Military Institute and the Citadel. John Tyler, who served as the tenth President of the United States from 1841 to 1845, does not rate highly in the history books. Harrison Ruffin Tyler, 89, is one of two living grandsons of President John Tyler, who was born in 1790, one year after George Washington was sworn in as president. Typically ranking near the bottom of surveys that classify U.S. presidents according to their effectiveness in office. His remarkable short line of ascendancy is due to a couple of factors that are not common in modern American society but once were quite common. But he may be better known for the Whig Party’s catchy 1840 presidential campaign slogan, “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too.”. The Tyler men have a habit of having kids very late in life. Tyler, the first vice president to succeed a deceased president, took the oath and assumed the full powers of the presidency. “Both my grandfather — the president — and my father, were married twice,” Harrison Ruffin Tyler (born in 1928) told New York magazine, explaining how the hell it is he’s still alive. 3 with his second wife, Sue Ruffin Tyler (a woman thirty-five years his junior), when he was nearly 70. Lyon Gardiner Tyler Jr. was born in 1924, while Harrison Ruffin Tyler was born in 1928 to Lyon Gardiner Tyler Sr., who was one of President Tyler's 15 children. (John Tyler was 63). He and his brother, grandsons of John Tyler, were the third of three generations that remarkably spanned almost the entire history of the American experience. In 1968, he co-founded an industrial water treatment business, ChemTreat. Yes. You may remember him from the phrase “Tippecanoe and Tyler too,” the famous slogan from the 1840 presidential campaign that paired Tyler as a vice-presidential candidate with William Henry Harrison on the Whig ticket. His daughter and his brother are his only immediate survivors. The truth is rarely pure and never simple - Oscar Wilde, Your email address will not be published. He married Anne Baker Tucker and had three children with her. So just to recap: A man born in 1790 has a child at the age of 63, who then has children in his 70s, and those children live into their 90s. Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Ruffin Tyler have committed $5 million to establish an endowment for the College's Department of History in memory of his father, Lyon Gardiner Tyler--17th president of William and Mary and son of John Tyler, the 10th United States president. “And they had children by their first wives. According to his obituary, Lyon Gardiner Tyler Jr., died Sept. 26 in Franklin, Tennessee, 175 years after his grandfather left office.He was the son of Lyon Gardiner Tyler Sr., who was born in 1853 when his father, who was born in 1790, was 63. President John Tyler, the grandfather of Lyon Gardiner Tyler Jr. In the election of 1840, the Whig Party selected William Henry Harrison as its presidential candidate and Tyler as his running mate. Der 1853 geborene Sohn Lyon zeugte mit seiner zweiten, 35 Jahre jüngeren Ehefrau drei Söhne, von denen Harrison Ruffin Tyler (* 1928) als einziger noch lebt. Harrison, a former governor of the Indiana Territory and U.S. senator from Ohio, had led the American forces that crushed Native Americans at the Battle of Tippecanoe in Indiana in 1811. 3 children with his first wife, Anne Baker Tucker Tyler.


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