more >, Product review: Alpinestars Orbit 35 backpack, After six months with Alpinestars' Orbit 35, I discovered this waterproof expandable backpack is... That’s followed by a 1m video showing you the glow-in-the-dark Vector Orion. The LS2 Vector has a micrometric fastener – they’re very easy to use but you need to keep an eye on strap adjustment to make sure everything’s tight. I recently bought an LS2 Vector, I find it to be very light and comfortable, as for noise I have found by playing with the vents I have got it to a place where the noise is at a minimum and I’m still satisfied with the temperature, overall one of the most comfortable helmets I’ve owned. LS2 Valiant II FF900 Solid Klapphelm matt-schwarz M (57/58) Icon Airflite Raceflite Helm, schwarz-grau, Größe L LS2 Vector FF397 Carbon Shine, gelb, Größe L Bogotto V271 Motorrad Klapphelm, schwarz-grau, Größe L Ls2 Ff399 Valiant Line Black Schwarz Matt High Viz Yellow Klapphelm Crosshelm LS2 MX436 Pioneer Evo Grau So that’s probably ‘job done’ on the aero I’d say. more >, Although the biting cold temperatures and constant downpours of winter are now in full effect, we at... It’s secured in place with the usual poppers and slots but it also features LS2’s magna-tech system which uses small magnets to keep the neck roll in place. The lining on the Vector is removable and washable and is both hypoallergenic and breathable. First off, here’s a look around the Vector by an LS2 rep from LS2 USA. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Lots of folks with those shaped heads said they found it’s a massive relief to find the Vector because it fits where many helmets don’t. LS2 FF397 Vector Carbon ; LS2 FF397 Vector Carbon. Read more about Pinlocks here. The shell of the LS2 Vector is made from a fibreglass composite. But overall, most owners think it’s a pretty quiet helmet. But still, having a sun visor can be damn useful and can be a real help with safety, especially if you get caught out riding into a low sun. That’s because we all have different levels of hearing, riding styles, types of motorbikes, and we ride at different speeds on motorcycles that offer different levels of wind protection – from nakeds to full tourers. Company Number: LP003328 Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT. New. The top air vents don’t seem to do much, but I’ve yet to try a vented lid that works effectively, even on helmets costing twice as much as the Vector C. With both chin curtains in place and the visor shut the lid is virtually draft- free. If you’ve a different bluetooth set, there’s mixed messages about how well the Vector will work with it though. Other than that, most owners say it’s a particularly comfortable helmet. Of course, drop down sun visors aren’t optically correct or, usually, anti-fog coated. Please click below to visit the LS2 helmets pages at our recommended stores. FF900 Valiant II. All in all that represents a great package for your money. … Bei LS2 finden Sie eine große Modellvielfalt, allen voran Integralhelme, mit guten bis sehr guten Testnoten. Nexx X.G100R Racer review: a retro full face motorcycle helmet with visor. Schuberth’s C4 flip-front helmet – great for touring and sportsbike riders. MX436 Pioneer EVO. There’s a single chin vent with 2 position slider and a single crown vent. Le casque LS2 FF397 Vector C Evo est un casque de moto intégral ayant un calotte fabriquée en fibre de carbone, cela permettra alors d’offrir à nos motards un casque intégral léger dû à ses matériaux de fabrication. If you’re interested in the fibreglass lid, there’s solid gloss black and white plus a matt black version. Helme 12 Klapphelme im Test Modelle zwischen 139 und 649 Euro. Sure, you get some saying it’s loud but you always get a range of opinions on noise supression – and for good reason. FF313 Vortex Carbon. According to owners both are easy to use with gloves. The Vector C is quiet too. If you like a helmet with lots of features you’re in luck. A couple of owners said it’s tricky to mount because of the left-side sun visor slider that sits right where you’d want to mount your bluetooth. Casque intégral LS2 carbone, le FF397 Vector C Evo. 845898), MCN's Digital and Events Managing Editor, Ped Baker, tested the LS2 Vector C helmet (, When installed the Pinlock fog shield fouls the rubber rain seal, making the visor stiff to open. One owner with a Sena SMH10 found it tricky to mount, though a Sena 3 owner found it easy. MX701 Explorer HPFC. Read the latest stories causing a buzz this week in Product Reviews…, Get ready for summer with this fantastic bike gear, With temperatures soaring into double figures this week, it’s hard not to cast our minds forward to... LS2 made a ‘thing’ over designing a helmet that’s both aerodynamic and stable. More LS2 carbon helmets Speaking of carbon helmets, the brand LS2 and competitive prices, know that not long ago we made a video to compare two helmets LS2 carbon fiber offering an excellent price, the FF313 Vortex ( a modular helmet) and the FF397 Vector C Pro (a full-face helmet) . Or you might want to check out the X-Lite X-702 GT. VAT no 918 5617 01 New. So I guess it’s not surprising there’d be a variety of opinions. LS LS2 FF397 Vector ist ein weiterer Schritt nach vorn im Rahmen der immer schneller laufenden LS2-Evolution. FF397 Vector HPFC EVO. If you're after an all rounder full face helmet on a budget, then the LS2 Vector could be a great bet. more >, Riding a motorbike with cold hands can be uncomfortable, painful or even dangerous once numbness... Stunningly lightweight, yet durable and energy absorbent, we designed the shell to be both … 12 Klapphelme zwischen 139 und 649 Euro wurden im Klapphelmtest in getestet, bewertet und miteinander verglichen: Bayard FP-25 S, BMW System 7 Carbon, Germot GM 950, Harley-Davidson Capstone S. Modular Helmet, LZR MH2, LS2 … What’s not? Like all LS2 motorcycle helmets, the FF397 Vector comes with a Class A optically-correct visor. FF353 Rapid. And fogging is controlled by the inclusion of a Pinlock Max Vision anti fog insert in most European territories (though in the US it seems to come with LS2’s own Fog Fighter equivalent). Lots of owners commented how light their Vector’s feel – that goes for both the fibreglass or carbon version (which is 100g lighter than the tri-composite fibreglass helmet). The Pinlock Max Vision is a nice large insert that should cover pretty well all of your vision and the ‘70’ version is great for all but the most extreme circumstances. That and a relief in finding a longer, narrower helmet that fits well. But there’s also the Vantage, Wake, Wavy, Titan, Razor, Trident – plus there’s the glow in the dark Orion version which you can see in the second video below. As always, if having a quiet helmet is important to you, you can view all our quietest-rated helmets by choosing ‘Quietest’ from the feature cloud to the right (bottom of the article for mobile users). Wir zeigen Ihnen die derzeit besten LS2 Helmets Motorradhelme am Markt. MCN's Digital and Events Managing Editor, Ped Baker, tested the LS2 Vector C helmet (£249.99) for four months over 500 miles. A Vector C Evo is also available in the range, with the C standing for carbon fibre construction as opposed to Fiberglass Composite. SHARP tested the European version of the Vector and awarded it 3 stars for safety, which is an OK score but not the best (you can see all our SHARP 4 and 5 star helmets here). You can check out our Top 10 full-face crash helmets list to see our best rated helmets or head over to our Smartish Filters pages and zoom in on helmets with your 'must have' features. Im Test: »Gut« urteilen »Motorrad« & Co Was ist beim Vector FF397 von LS2 Helmets gut und was nicht? But apart from a smattering of the usual complaints that the tinting is a little too light (that’s a legal thing so not something manufacturers can ignore) most said it’s great to have and really like the sun visor. Finally, if you go for an LS2 vector, you’ll get a chin curtain, neck roll and breath guard included in the package, along with the antifog insert. Egal ob Visiermechanik, Helmfutter, oder einfach nur eine Schraube. It also scored reasonably well when tested by SHARP (though far from the best). The top air vents don’t seem. The LS2 FF397 Vector is a great value full face helmet. LS2 has tried to produce a helmet that’s light weight, safe, comfortable and with some of the nice touches that modern-day riders want in their helmet such as an integral sun visor and well thought out visor system. People who like these things are just plain wrong.


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