slower music and using steps that don't travel very far. At 00:05, Su’Su Bobien starts singing; between 00:19 and 00:20, the piano kicks in; at 00:35, the chorus begins. stays in place). dancer decides to alter things and do a single step instead (because it looks more dramatic, or just because usually occurs on the first of the two beats; the dancer then holds in place for the second of the two In short, whereas the waltz is “one, two, three; one, two, three…,” house and other club music styles are “one, two, three, four; one, two, three, four…”. numbers, which indicate what beat of the music the step should fall on. The moves described in this book have a label attached to each of the steps. the unit. The first beat of every bar is usually stressed to make it more distinguishable from the other three. the process continues with the next step. However, sometimes the first beat of the two is used for something else (such as a kick), sequence is present in the core eight-beat Graphical representation of unit with odd number of steps. two-beat unit, the key information is whether the number of steps is even or odd. Often used just before the start of a sequence, as an lead-in; sometimes referred to as another meaning for the term ", Graphical representation of unit with even number of steps. A 4-bar phrase has 16 beats (4 x 4) and an 8-bar one has 32 (4 x 8). it also needs to start with the left, so there had better have been an even number of steps in the meanwhile. First comes the intro – usually a pure kick drum with claps, snare and possibly some percussion, on top of which other instruments and samples are layered. longer than eight beats—it's easier to understand a 10-beat move with a count from 1 to 10 rather than The rhythm of a dance corresponds to how these steps, these changes of weight from foot to foot, line up with The common pattern in dance music is to have 4 in a bar and 4 bars in a phrase. For an even number of steps, the dancer starts and ends on their left (and of course zero is an Do you refer to the intro as having 4 x 4 bar phrases or 2 x 8 bar phrases? which indicate that the step should fall in between beats in the music. In this example, the intro has 16 bars and the bridge has 24 bars. If the dancer fits in three steps during the unit, the final position will again be with weight on the right visually mirrored as well, and sometimes will not be (for example, the follower might spin while the leader first step is a step backwards and the second step is a replacement of the other foot back in the place where such a dynamic dance, so often the foot without weight will do something while the weighted foot Different Many Lindy Hop moves include a rock step, where (say) the leader momentarily steps back on his left foot and leader and the follower are related. This website is amazing. Sometimes referred to as a "Slow" step (from ballroom dancing usage). If the dancer performs two steps in the two beats of music, then they again end up back with their weight on musical structure of swing typically involves eight-beat (two bar) phrases. weight). It's also possible to squeeze in four steps in two beats of music, but this is usually only feasible with The steps are correlated with the rhythm of the music, but the correlation is more sophisticated Here’s Get Down by Todd Terry All Stars (Kenny Dope Original Mix): Listen carefully! I just wanna say THAN YOU for your time and this awesome educational page! Hey man, that’s not a huge secret or something The track is Su’Su Bobien – Keep It To Myself (Eric Kupper Classic Pump Mix). Thus all major changes in the music take place at regular intervals that normally equal to one or two 8-bar chunks. danced to. The rhythmic structure of a dance describes how the steps of the dance synchronize with the music that it is Let’s start with the basics. Eight-Beat Rhythm: mirrored even-odd-even-odd. Hi there… This step The other (right) foot, without any weight on it, is moving to take the next step. whether they are using the same or opposite feet: whether their movements are. Here’s a typical verse that’s two 8-bar phrases long (starts between 00:04 and 00:05, ends at 00:35): Can you hear the notable changes taking place in the music at the beginning of each 8-bar phrase? For a partner dance, the other piece of information needed to describe the dance is how the steps of the


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