Here, then, is NME‘s countdown of every Billie Eilish song (so far!) Before we begin, a few bits of housekeeping: there are no live tracks, remixes or Eilish feature credits (we’re only counting songs where she’s been credited as either the main or co-main artist). Als neue Pop-Hoffnung gelabelt, macht die junge US-Sängerin Billie Eilish aus Los Angeles Wirbel und kann einen Haufen toller erfrischender Songs aufweisen, obwohl ihr Debütalbum erst 2019 erscheinen soll. Hier kommen die (subjektiv) zehn besten Songs von Billie Eilish: Eingangstrack der Debüt-EP "Don’t Smile At Me" über ein Mädchen, das alles an Eilish kopiere und angeblich das Lieblingslied von ihr selbst. TS, So close and yet so far! Genauso hypnotisch verführerisch ist auch Eilish in diesem synthiegetränkten Lied. A far cry from her now-relentless and brooding productions, but still irresistibly catchy. SM, ‘When We All Fall Asleep…’ departs on a bit of sleepy note with ‘Goodbye’, in which Eilish’s melancholy vocals dominate. Billie Eilish brought her new song, “Therefore I Am,” to the 2020 AMAs on Sunday. So what could top it in this countdown? TS, Despite starting off as a twee slice of folk-pop, this is up there with the darkest material Billie’s ever recorded. There are references to the powerful bonds between key characters in the film as well as direct quotes (“When I was older / I was a sailor on an open sea“), but there are enough homespun Bille-isms (“I’m watching movies back-to-back in black and white“) to make this song her own. / I should know, but it’s cold,” Eilish forlornly asks as this electro-pop offering continues to ask more questions than it does provide answers — fitting, as your interest in ‘Ilomilo’ will only grow the more you listen to it. Fans finden: Die Message dahinter ist stark, das Video dazu ein wahrgewordener Kindheitstraum. The singer’s lightning-quick rise to stardom was given that added sprinkle of magic dust earlier this year when she was invited to record and perform the theme for the upcoming James Bond film No Time To Die. Billie offers her apologies for initiating a break-up on someone’s birthday while a twinkling soundscape that Fleet Foxes would be proud of emerges in the background. SM, This Lorde-like ‘Don’t Smile At Me’ offering was written and produced entirely by her brother and creative partner Finneas, and follows the kind of straightforward verse-chorus pop structure that didn’t get much of a look-in on 2019’s ‘When We All Fall Asleep…’. SM, The affecting lullaby quality of ‘8’, if you can ignore the ukulele, will actually have you weeping rather than snoozing. Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell (b. December 18, 2001), known professionally as Billie Eilish, is an American singer and songwriter born and raised in Los Angeles, California. On top of a galloping ‘Black Skinhead’-sized beat and a hypnotic interpretation of The Doors’ ‘People Are Strange’ melody, Eilish comes face-to-face with the online chatter around her (“Honestly, I thought that I would be dead by now”) while acknowledging that there’s so much more to come: “For the debt I owe, gotta sell my soul”. ranked in order of greatness. SM, Inspired by the title of a video game, ‘Ilomilo’ is backed by a spooky instrumental packed with paranoid synths and ominous bass. SM, Ever wondered what Billie linking up with James Blake might sound like? SM, The delicate first part of ‘When We All Fall Asleep…”s closing trio of tracks, the creation of ‘Listen Before I Go’ was, according to Eilish, therapeutic.


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