Feels like a little private Jet. 2017/09/28 for Seat Business class, on Seats 52 D and G are not "bulkhead" as the stairs' backside is only in front of of E and F. Both have unlimited leg space and only very little "traffic" as the stairs are closed during flight. My guess is that two 80kg or above passengers sitting next to each other would find themselves rubbing shoulders with each other. Seat 53 E is a standard Premium Economy Class seat. Business cl im emirates a380 the emirates boeing 777 fleet our economy cl bei emirates urlaubsguru airbus a380 800 review emirates business cl a380. Airbus A380-800 (388) Layout 1; Airbus A380-800 (388) Layout 2; Airbus A380-800 (388) Layout 3; Boeing 777-200 (772) Boeing 777-200ER (772) Layout 1; Boeing 777-200ER (772) Layout 2; Boeing 777-300 (773) Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Four Class; Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Three Class; Boeing 787-10 (781) Check-in; Baggage; Infants; Minors; Pets Do you know this plane? On Board Wifi is available in all classes via FlyNet®. It's completely free and we'll never pass your information on to Media box is actually under the middle seat. Allthough 99 is very special since it has only 3 seats and 1 of the screens is blank. What I have noticed from other passengers: all window-seat have big advantage compared to the other seats: Due to silver boxes on floor next to forward seat legs - no foot rests and all three pax in row had less foot room. Seat 62 H is a standard Economy Class seat. Last rows 98 left and right have plenty of space behing the seat and can fully recline; space enough for big suitcases. 2018/04/09 for Seat 96c, on Seat 68 J is a standard Economy Class seat. however, the seat rest is rigid and cannot be retracted. Worst was the safety jacket stuck underneath the front seat, making the space even smaller. Seat 97 F is a standard Economy Class seat. I sat in 54F on the way back, which did require asking the aisle seat to get up. Seat 24 G is a standard Business Class seat. Tray tables are located in the arm rests. Seat 89 A is a standard Economy Class seat. The worst has to be this 96C seat. In row 95, all TV monitors are on pull out, stow-able links which may cause restrictions in getting in/out of seats. Seat 86 E is a standard Economy Class seat. This is only a very little detail, but worth mentioning, because it changes the acoustic experience during your travel dramatically. Seats come with a large comforter and HUGE pillow and for the overnight flight you arrive well rested... Entertainment was excellent, headphones are bose! You need assistance, if you want to have it back. rows 60-65) are served last on the LH a380. The tray table and inflight entertainment monitor are in the armrest, making the armrest immovable and slightly reducing seat width. Seat 97 A is a standard Economy Class seat. Yesterday I flew Singapore Airlines A380 business class from Frankfurt to New York. Seat 98 D is a standard Economy Class seat. 2016/02/26 for Seat 20G, on Seat 85 G is a standard Economy Class seat. The seats 52D-G are not bothered by the stairway as indicated in the map. 2019/05/13 for Seat 51H, on If you lean toward lavatory, your shoulders will hit everyone passing you. Still, it's an excellent seat, really. I was booked for 76E in front of the bulkhead. Seat 54 G is a standard Premium Economy Class seat. Avoid Lufthansa's A380 at all cost unless you can get a premium economy or higher. Seat 65 E is a standard Economy Class seat. 2017/04/18 for Seat 76A, on Due to lack of value, lack of customer service (on ground and in air) and inferior inflight meals, I would never use Lufthansa again or recommend them. Seat 14 G is a standard Business Class seat. I recommend the extra cost for the FRA-IAH flight time.


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